A trip through the country of myths and legends


Brittany has very different looks – from the rough seaside with wild cliffs, bizarrely shaped rocks in surprising colors to the peaceful inland with agricultural landscapes, and a mild climate that allows all different sorts of plants to grow. Côtes-d'Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan are the four departments of Brittany, rich in a cultural, maritime, rural, architectural, religious and gastronomic heritage. During your tour in Brittany, you will discover walled medieval cities, castles, cottages, churches, farms, lakes and magnificent rivers that shape the countryside of this region.

Come to admire chapels, calvaries and other religious monuments but also menhirs and dolmens that prove the Celtic past. And why not to escape to one of the islands as Bréhat, Ouessant, Molène, they are easily accessible. The “Côte de Granit Rose” and the “Cote d’Emeraude” are the most colorful parts of Brittany’s north coast. Red rocks, green grass combined with the deep blue sea will show this part of France at its best. The Pointe du Raz is a dramatic place of crashing waves and strong winds, and by the way the westernmost extent of France.

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